Who's Who

I thought I would include a page, explaining who people are that you might regularly see me talk about.  Seems easier than having to explain in each post who someone is.

Draco ~ My life partner.  While we are legally married, we are also Handfasted.  We have a semi-open relationship and have been together for nearly 17 years as of 2012.

The Dutchess ~ My beloved pug and constant companion.  She keeps me from going crazy when Draco works out of town.

Mini-Me ~ My daughter from my 1st marriage that Draco has helped me raise.  She will be 19 this year.

 M ~ The sweet girl my daughter is engaged to.  I love her endlessly.

The Thing ~ Mini-Me's on again, off again boyfriend that I dislike intensely.

Chicklet ~ She's very hard to define.  She calls us Aunt and Uncle but she's like a daughter to us.  She showed up on our couch one day about 6 years ago and never left.

E ~ Our roommate and one of the best friends a girl could ask for.  She showed up in my car one day and never left.  We live at her house.

Little Diva ~ E's 2 year old daughter that's become like a niece to us.

Timber Leaves ~ My sister-of-the-heart since childhood.  She's seen me through more shit than any one person should ever have to.  Also a fellow blogger.

Sweetpea ~ Very close friend of about 16 years.  She lives in Alabama with her live-in boyfriend.  Our kids grew up together.

Nikki ~ The middle sibling and possibly the most misunderstood of us all.  We have a close relationship in spite of going long periods of time without seeing or hearing from each other.

C ~ Nikki's live-in boyfriend.  I don't know him very well, so I rarely mention him other than in passing.

Aunt D ~ Long-time friend of my parent's and my rock while dealing with the passing of my mom.

And then there is me...visit my About Me page for my bio.