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I never know what to say on these "About Me" pages.  I always end up feeling like I'm writing a grocery list!  I could tell you I'm a wife, mother, blogger...blah, blah, blah, but blogs are supposed to be about stories so, I think I'll try to do it a little different than I usually do... although I'm going to give you a run-down of my life, rest assured that there are stories in here that will eventually show up on the blog.

I was born in the mid 70's to a relationship that was already in it's death throws.  My mother no longer wanted to be in the relationship when she found out she was pregnant with me but tried to stay anyway.  She didn't know it during the pregnancy, but she was pregnant with twins.  Unfortunately, only one of the twins was to make it to full-term.  That was me.  My sister died in the womb with me. 

At the 9 month mark, my mother's water broke and she miscarried my twin.  Apparently, I knew even then that I didn't want to be in this world without her and I stayed put for an additional 2 months.  I was an 11 month baby, already 2 months old when I was born.

My step-dad is convinced that that has a lot to do with what is wrong with me.  He says that twins were not meant to exist without each other and that I am only half a person because there should have been two of me.

Around the age of two (there's some controversy on my age), I ended up going to live with my Great Aunt and Uncle.  My Great Uncle passed when I was 4 and I spent the remainder of my early childhood with my Great Aunt who became abusive after my Great Uncle passed away.  The only things that made this time of my life bearable was my cousin Bradley, who was more brother than cousin and my sister-of-the-heart @TimberLeaves.

At 12, I went to live with my mother again and stayed there until I was 17.

That was when I met my 1st husband, left home, got pregnant myself with Mini-Me and was divorced before she was 3.

1995 and 96 were huge years for me.  It would be a two-year span that would change my life forever.

I went thesummer of '95 to the jockey lot with a friend and got my very first reading from a psychic while I was there.  She predicted travel and meeting someone new, even described him to me.  I didn't put much stock in what she said at the time, but I would have reason to think about it again.

That was the year that I lost custody of Mini-Me, had my 1st nervous breakdown got introduced to Wicca and left the state I'd lived in all my life to live with friends.

In '96, I turned 21.  I was in another state, working as a waitress in a bar.  Draco and I were friends at the time, but he was after me.  I was running like the Hounds of Hell were nipping at my heels!  It took some time, but he finally pinned me down.

Draco is legally my husband, but if you look on my private Facebook profile, you will see that we are "In a relationship, but it's complicated".  It very much is, in so many ways. 

We have been together now for 16 years and although I'd like to strangle him some days, I love him endlessly and believe he truly is my soul-mate.

My Mother passed away June 13th, 2012 and she took whatever glue that had held our family together with her.  I no longer talk to any of my relatives other than my sister and my step-dad about once a month, usually when he's lonely and missing my mother.  I think I remind him of her and we sound a lot alike on the phone, so maybe it comforts him.

I'm not unfamiliar with being estranged from my family, though, and I've finally reached a point in my life where it doesn't bother me anymore.  I've never had much family anyway, so I created my own.

I have what I call my "extended-family", which is basically a network of very hard to describe relationships that Draco and I have developed over the course of our marriage and one that I've managed to hold on to since childhood.

There is, of course, Mini-Me.  She is my only biological child, but I have 2 other girls.  One calls me Aunt, but we have a complicated relationship that feels more like mother-daughter than anything else.  She is the one I consider my oldest.

The one I consider our middle child is our roommate "E".  That relationship has been working itself out for almost 2 years now, but we've reached the point where we feel like she's more than a friend.  She's ours.  That makes Mini-Diva (E's 2 year old daughter) ours, too.  She's our only grandbaby so far.

We've also gotten pretty attached to E's real mom, step-dad and her extended family as well.  We consider them part of our family, too.

I spend my time doing the crafts that have become Lyons' Pride Crafts N' Things, my home-based business, blogging, reading, practicing my craft, playing World of Warcraft and spending time with my family, including my 4-legged daughter, Dutchess. 

My life is not perfect.  I struggle with depression and mental illness every day and I need more therapy than I will ever be able to afford.  That is why I blog.

Now you know a little about me and the life that fuels this blog.  Go on and go read some of my posts and get to know me even better!

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